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Sebenzani Security is a full-service security and protection agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.



We are licensed to provide the following services:

Protection for your family and property.

We install state-of-the-art security alarms, surveillance systems, and smoke detectors. Sebenzani Security offers monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of emergency, an armed mobile patrol will be dispatched to inspect the residence and the premises. In case of fire, the incident will be reported to the fire service.

Retail security and loss prevention.

To protect your customers, staff, and stock, we provide professionally trained on-site security officers for working in shopping malls, warehouses, and other retail venues. They can work uniformed or in plain clothes, depending on the client’s requirements.

Industrial and corporate security.

We provide on-site security officers for industrial and commercial premises: plants, banks, hotels, museums, healthcare facilities, and office buildings. The officers’ duties include: access control, facilities oversight, loss prevention, reception services, escort of visitors and employees, mobile patrols, emergency response, life safety and evacuation.

Personal security guards and escort services.

We provide exceptionally trained bodyguards for personal protection of high-profile individuals, executives, dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, and their family members.

Crowd control services.

We provide security guards for pubs, nightclubs, special events, and private parties. Monitoring of entry and exit points, invitation checks, maintenance of the safety of patrons/guests.

Armed courier service.

We will ensure that your valuables are securely delivered on time.

Our security officers are professionally trained with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement.


Sebenzani offers various services nationally to both domestic and Business Clients, and we are always expanding the size and scope of our business.


These Services include the following (but not limited to):

  • V.I.P Protection Details
  • High Value Escort Details
  • Special Operations
  • Tracking / Tracing / Recovery of Vehicles and People
  • Covert Operations
  • Surveillance
  • Riot / Strike Protection
  • Armed / Unarmed Guards
  • Residential / Retail / Commercial Guarding
  • Specialized Investigations
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Risk Assessments
  • CCTV Installations
  • Offsite Monitoring
  • Electric fencing


Sebenzani Security Services was founded in 2003, with the objective of providing a well-managed and exceptionally trained force to provide security services. With a history of Military and Law Enforcement background, over 30yrs of experience, together with passionate people, and Owner driven, Sebenzani Security Solutions is set on providing safe, reliable and efficient solutions to protecting people, their assets and property. We believe that the current crime levels within South Africa detract from the potential of the Country’s growth and see ourselves in the ideal situation of being able to contribute to addressing this critical issue.

Sebenzani Security Solutions is a Black Empowerment Company and is fully registered with all the Private Security Regulatory Authorities. The Company and its members are registered with all the relevant authorities and are affiliated to various organizations within the Industry. Sebenzani also works closely with various Law Enforcement Bodies within South Africa and is part of the Operational Crime Groups both locally and nationally. The affiliations we have, allow us to offer a much broader spectrum of services than your average Private Company, hence we can tailor make a Service Package to each Client specifically. Placing our resources at their disposal, 24/7/365


We always strive to provide Professional Services to our Clients through Honesty and Integrity. We are committed to the employment of TRAINED and REGISTERED Security Officers. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt our services to the needs of our Clients. Our approach is based on the philosophy and through assessment of Client needs before a Security Strategy is devised and approved by the Client before implementation. We believe, and endeavor to:

  • Ensure that our members enjoy a good working environment, while maintaining high standards of professionalism
  • Create job opportunities with-in the Security Industry
  • Contribute positively towards Economic Development of the Region
  • Be committed to Non-Racism and Non-Sexism Policies in the Organization
  • Provide our personnel with the advancement opportunities within the Company, in turn resulting in a Happy and Well-Respected Workforce.


The Company Policies and Procedures dictates that In-House Training and Refresher Courses be done on a Quarterly basis to enhance and transfer skills to all our Employees.


Sebenzani Security Services complies fully with All Legislation and Regulations affecting the Private Security Industry. We are also a Fully Accredited Training Facility and provide training for ALL areas with-in the Industry, as well as Firearm Training. We have a Fully Licensed and Accredited Shooting Range, which consists of five different ranges in one, and the first 270-meter long drive in, drive out Tactical Range. With our own Qualified Instructors, Moderators and Assessors, we are fully capable of giving a complete service.


PSIRA REG: 1105145


SAPS REG: 4000249

NKP REG: 6009660